2022 Annual Report

New Ready to Rise Report Shows Innovative Reinvestment Strategies Impact Black, Brown and Native American Youth in Los Angeles County

(Los Angeles)—Ready to Rise serves as a proof of concept for the value of a third-party administrator model and demonstrates the collective power of community to provide for young people who bear the burden of unjust systems and policies, and who are disproportionately Black and Brown youth.  Since February 2019, California Community Foundation and Liberty Hill have provided programmatic investment and capacity strengthening resources to 49 youth-serving, community-based organizations. To date, the 49 organizations, 69% of which are BIPOC-led, have received over $22.4M in grants.    

2019-2022 Key Takeaways 

  1. Organizations collectively served nearly 26,000 unduplicated youth through their programming, surpassing 950,000 program touchpoints. 
  2. Youth reported a 25% increase in relational ties, the strong social and emotional supports that are foundational to a positive youth development approach.   
  3. Youth rated R2R program staff significantly higher in pushing them to be their best compared to others.   
  4. Youth saw statistically significant increases in their progress toward self-defined goals, another cornerstone of an effective youth development program for youth of color.  
  5. 100% of organizations increased their organizational capacity in at least 1 of 14 competency areas, with an average of six capacity building achievements.  

The report shows that a structure such as R2R can be an effective vehicle for getting hundreds of thousands of public dollars into the community quickly and equitably with a tremendous impact on our young people. R2R has already informed the Care First Community Investment allocations and the model is being used as a best practice in the formation of the Department of Youth Development. 


About Liberty Hill Foundation
Liberty Hill Foundation is a laboratory for social change philanthropy. We leverage the power of community organizers, donor activists, and allies to advance social justice through strategic investment in grants, leadership training, and campaigns. We envision a society in which all people have a powerful voice, including those currently shut out of our democracy, people cut off from opportunities because of their skin color, gender or sexual orientation, where they live, or where they were born. We will not rest until society provides justice and equality for all.

About the California Community Foundation
The California Community Foundation (CCF) has served as a public, charitable organization for Los Angeles County since 1915. Its mission is to lead positive systemic change that strengthens Los Angeles communities. CCF stewards $2.4 billion in assets and manages 1,700 charitable foundations, funds and legacies. For more information, please visit calfund.org.

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