The Learning Centers at Fairplex

The Learning Centers has partnered closely with the Pomona Unified School District. In the last ten years, as the Pomona Unified School District graduation rate has risen from 72% to 91%, TLC has been proud to support 3,500 students who have completed TLC CTEC courses, of which 40% are PUSD students.

Through alumni outcome tracking, TLC observes that aside from the career-based education that students receive, the training they receive in essential and transferable skills that promote Career Readiness such as resume creation, interview skills, and financial literacy has positively impacted their employment opportunities. While the Pomona Unified School District is the largest partner district for CTEC and TLC, students from school districts across the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire, from Covina to Ontario, participate in CTEC programming and earn high school credit. The Learning Centers will fully build out 2-year career pathways in CTEC programs in Art, Welding, Culinary arts, Urban agriculture and green utilities.