Meztli Projects’ ELA Youth Healing Arts & Culture Initiative (YHACI)

Meztli Projects’ ELA Youth Healing Arts & Culture Initiative (YHACI) is a unique project between youth, artists and cultural workers from East Los Angeles who have been impacted by street violence and incarceration, developed to specifically center impacted youth by building a framework for participation, decision-making, apprenticeship and entrepreneurship.

The suite of programs which include the Youth Art & Activism Workshop Series, Xochipilli Program, Healing Conversations, and Apprenticeship & Youth Advisory Committee are designed to create a pathway for youth in various career tracks such as art, arts education, community organizing and culturally-based approaches to racial and economic justice efforts. These programs are for youth ages 11-18 impacted by incarceration, school suspension and expulsion, migration and gender constructs, attending Garfield and Torres High Schools, Ramona Convent Secondary School, Belvedere and Griffith Middle Schools, Monterey and Hombres y Mujeres Nobles continuation schools located in greater East Los Angeles. Meztli will expand their project from a summer program to a year-round suite of interlocking programs growing the number of youth served.