Koreatown Youth & Community Center, Inc. (KYCC)

KYCC’s Resiliency, Integrity, Self-Assurance, and Empowered (RISE) Youth Program will serve residents in and near the Menlo Family Apartments, bordering Koreatown and Pico-Union, Los Angeles.

KYCC is the primary service provider for the 60 unit low-income housing complex that houses families coming out of homelessness and have open Department of Mental Health cases; over 60% are single parent homes. The target population is Latino, African American, and Asian, and are from high-poverty and Title 1 schools, dealing with significant achievement gaps. RISE Youth Program will expand services to youth and families with academic diagnostics and one-on-one tutoring, Social Emotional Learning training, parent education, youth-led community organizing activities, and multi-dimensional extracurricular activities such as arts and sports.