Homies Unidos, Inc.

To address the multiple needs that vulnerable unaccompanied minors face, Homies Unidos implemented the Central American Migrant Children Integration project servicing youths in the Pico-Union, Westlake, Echo Park, MacArthur Park and Koreatown neighborhoods of Los Angeles with support from local and national government channels to respond to this crisis.

These youth are facing an increasingly hostile environment of disenfranchisement, a culture clash leading to trauma not unlike PTSD and triggered by the impact of displacement, fractured family ties, language barriers, and the lack of tools, resources, and education to address these issues of disorientation. Families, shelter or school staff are not equipped to effectively reach this population with culturally relevant approaches for integrating these children into our communities. Through the Central American Migrant Children Integration project, Homies Unidos plans to expand existing programs to address specific needs by adding more professional facilitators specializing in migrant justice and indigenous culture.