Good City Mentors (GCM)

Good City Mentors partners inspiring local businesses with local high schools and creates a mentorship community where everyone is invested in the success of the others. A diverse team of mentors meets with students for one hour per week during the school day.

The year long program consists of three core, 10-week sessions focusing on personal leadership development, college and career readiness, and service to the community. The Good City Mentors Program has been invited to expand their reach into 10 high-need schools this school year, providing school-day mentorship for students ages 13-19. The typical participant would be characterized as having risk factors such as routine absences and tardiness; behavioral issues; disengagement from academic activities; poor course grades; limited or no participation in external enrichment activities; family issues; involvement or vulnerable to the criminal justice system; foster youth; and all the side effects of living in an impoverished, underserved community. Consistent interaction with a supportive, caring community of mentors provides youth with social connection and a sense of belonging while addressing their specific barriers to success. Good City Mentors seeks to refine their program and infrastructure, as well as train and hire additional employees in order to successfully expand reach of service to students.