A Holistic Approach

Ready to Rise grantees receive funding for a variety of program activities focused on arts, wellness, educational attainment, leadership, workforce development, mentorship, youth organizing and other engagement areas. These grantees share a focus on multiple aspects of youth development – academic, identity, socio-emotional, physical health, mental wellness and others – which are integrated into their services.

Ready to Rise is fostering a full spectrum of community-informed practices—through a whole child approach—while recognizing nonprofits can also benefit from shared learning spaces, training and support that will build their own programmatic and organizational effectiveness. All grantees of this program receive customized capacity building support, including monthly professional coaching, cohort-based training, and peer learning . Additionally, the services made available through this collaboration are provided within the youths’ own communities thus making it easier for them to access.

Read more about these dynamic and innovative nonprofits below. They are accelerating impact, reducing barriers and building cross-sector coalitions focused on long-term success.

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